Wilson and I set out this morning hoping to ski Big League.  And right from the start we were suffering from our usual habits;  we slept in, then waited around to see what Graham was up to (he called while going up Magpie), stopped and got gas, and played with the dogs before driving down to Girdwood around 11.  At first we were happy to find a trail up Max’s, but became pretty discouraged when after 40 minutes we passed a group who were saying they were on their way to film their friends skiing Big League.  I tried not to let that bother me and as  it was also really warm (somewhat as expected) and I picked up the pace hoping to get there before it got too warm.  After finishing the Max’s skin and droping into Virgin Creek Wilson counted 7 sets of tracks, but noticed a lone skier had split off to ski Little League, our planned back up.  So, with nothing too exciting with good snow left to ski Wilson and I decided to head up Big League anyway.   The trail was already in and it was very quick.  Midway up the final boot a girl sitting up top informed us that we could have the face if we wanted it, as the group ahead of us had decided to ski something else.  Wilson and I couldn’t believe our luck.

the alternative to big leagueUp top I recognized Mike and two other kids I’d met earlier this season and listened to their story of trying to find a way through the cornice, and the snow conditions.  The chat left me without much confidence, but I figured Wilson and I might as well give it a look as we’d come all that way.  Our search for a way through the cornice lasted until we heard the other group had set off a slab while on the ridge.  This led Wilson and I too flee down the ridge to the south, ski through a crusty bowl and head up the ridge towards Orca.  We took the two north facing lines above and we both skied very mediocre, but the snow was perfect.  From there it was back down an excellent trail through Virgin Creek which zigzagged through the trees and alders and had two perfect spots to hop the creek.  A great thanks to the group ahead of us for the great trail.  At some point I realized we’d basically skied a big long circle all day and backed down from Big League, so I guess we’ll be going back for Big League.