I’ve been staring down the chute above since moving here.  Wilson and I finally made it happen late this afternoon.  We started out going up Sunburst, party as I’m terrified to skin underneath it and partly thinking we could hit Elevator Shaft if it looked good and make a quick day of it.  Elevator Shaft had just gotten hit by a party of 6 as we were arriving.  I got discouraged initially, but Wilson and I kept skinning and were cruising up Pastoral a few minutes later.  Upon arrival Wilson and I were a little concerned with how we’d enter the chute, but after 90 minutes of shoveling and cornice cutting we created a couple of options for ourselves.  I took a down climb around the cornice, with the aid of some cord slung around a chunk of ice, and skied out the bottom.  Wilson took a side slip to 15 ft cornice drop we’d cut and straight lined the entire chute.  Good good day, more to come.