So after a painful weak without any skiing I finally go an opportunity to make some turns on Wednesday. Jared, Jason and I drove down south through heavy clouds moving in and out but we managed to get up Corn biscuit and wait for a sucker hole.  When it came time to ski I was very excited, the snow looked fantastic on the norther aspects and I’d been cooped up all week waiting for some snow.  Then, 5 turns into my run I stupidly cruised into my sluff, blew out of both skis and was forced to walk the bottom three quarters of the line.  I was joking and calling it the walk of shame Wednesday night, but also suffering from a serious skiing withdrawal.

So with yesterday greeting me with flawless sunshine I made some plans to get back after it.  Wilson was taking a break from rebuilding his snowmachine engine and decided to come along as well.  The original plan was to ski Twin Peaks, but after some deliberation we decided to go back to Gulch Creek and ski some lines in the Chum Bucket.  After an easy skin up sunny side and some brief confusion from Wilson we made our way over to the lines.  The ridge was nice and wide, but I didn’t really take it very far as I was dropping first.  The snow was a little chalky up top, but absolutely perfect in the heart of the chute.   Jared and Wilson made it a little further, skiing the rime covered ridge, and Wilson skied the line the chute we’d been thinking about for the last couple weeks.  I’ll have some video in a bit