After some lengthy deliberations we decided to ski the northern chutes off Tin Can Proper yesterday.  It was a new line for my self and something Wilson had been thinking about since a trip up Eddies last year.  We were reluctant to go up Tin Can on such a nice day, but Jason was exhausted and I was unable to think of anything with as long a run with less of an approach.  After an especially late start we rolled out of town incredibly prepared, plenty of beer and gas and I don’t think anyone forgot anything critical yesterday.  We even brought the binoculars to check on the conditions from the road.  After a short skin we were up top, Jason went first down the lookers right chute, finding perfect snow, but also a 20ft mandatory air he sent with ease.  Wilson drooped further lookers right and skied a nice ridge before almost colliding with two goats.  J-rod took the lookers left chute from the top and I followed him with a slight diversion down a slot in the middle.  Here is some video, I’ve got to go wake everyone up as it’s sunny and there is some skiing to be done today.