Since the clouds moved in Saturday morning we haven’t skied much.  Jason and I spent saturday skiing Arctic Valley while Wilson and J-rod drank beers in the car.  Sunday started early, I was woken up around 5 when Wilson, Max and J-rod came back from the bar with a truck full of floozies.  I got out of bed and joined them for a beer and listened to Wilson rant for a bit before going back to sleep.  With the late night we got an even later start then usual on Sunday.  J-rod also lost his wallet at a strip club, which with a plane to catch that evening ruled him out of any activities.  Max, Jason, Wilson and I headed into Johnson pass on the snowmachies; we tried to loop around into Silver Tip creek but never made it, and mostly just played around in the crusty snow.  Hopefully the weather improves before I’m off to Bolivia, that last little period of sunshine gave me the itch for some skiing.  Oh and if you’re looking for video, Hatch Your Trax has some great stuff up.

UPDATE: As usual a bunch of locals are making our recent exploits look incredibly lame. Here is some Super Cub assisted skiing of Mount Thor, and here are some pictures of skiing Pioneer Peak. You can count me incredibly jealous of both of those lines.