After spending an excessive amount of time working for a couple of weeks I headed to Valdez with Graham.  We towed sleds out near the valley of the tusk and camped for 4 nights.  It was slow going as our sleds were heavier then planned; we brought so much food we had to eat excessivly on throughout the trip.  Large meals with rum margaritas, coca tea, bacon, eggs, buffalo and peppers were standard fare for the trip.  We also had intense sunshine throughout the entire trip, which I couldn’t have expected when planning on going to Valdez.  We were  low on sunscreen throughout the trip too, since the Hub only had a tiny bottle available for $15.99.  So as a result of that and the long hours spent lounging in the sun sipping rum drinks I’m now horribly sunburnt.  Oh, and I guess I should mention the skiing, it was only so so, as it’d rained just before and we were out in scorching heat.  We enjoyed ourselves with the views though, and some long glacier runs.