Since moving to AK my summers have lacked time on sailboats.  Yesterday, after a morning of World Cup games Hunter and I drove up to Big Lake for the Alaska Sailing Club open house.  We were greeted by the commodore the moment we stepped out of the car, and were given a brief tour of the facilities before heading out for a short sail on a Buccaneer 18, the fleet they race up there.  While out on the water hunter played around with his GoPro for a bit, opening up a lot possibilities.  Some footage from the A Scow Nationals has given me a number of ideas for some sailing videos, but so far I only have the short clip from yesterday bellow, enjoy.  I also have to mention that everyone at the Alaska Sailing Club was incredibly friendly, although they drink quite a bit less then you’d see at a Michigan Yacht Club.  Anyway, great times, hopefully I can make it for a Wednesday night race or two out there.