So a couple weeks ago one of my neighbors, who happens to live adjacent to an elementary school, decided it would be wise to broadcast  the fact that he had a meth lab in his basement by making a no trespassing sign out of old brown paper bags and duct taping it to the front of his house.  Threatening to shoot small children is how Anchorage residents keep it classy I guess.  Previously this house (picture at this link) wouldn’t have even been ranked on my list of the neighborhood’s suspicious homes, but it now occupies the top spot.   Anyway, I have no real reason for posting this, other then boredom (I have very little else of note to comment on), and the necessity of posting something new.  Hopefully this can urge someone to take some action and shut this guy down, but either way I’m interested to see if whoever lives there can match the 9 month comedy lifespan of the super obvious meth lab I lived across from in Utah.