Since my office is currently encased in fog and there is a slight chill in the air my mind has been stuck thinking about skiing for the last 3 hours.  Waiting for some flurries to fall and allow for some turns up in Hatcher Pass is frustrating.  Luckily my withdrawal symptoms have been slightly tempered by the few turns I managed this summer, for which I must thank Hunter and his younger brother Jeep, through whose exploits I was introduced to some fine summer skiing  (that didn’t require climbing through a single alder bush, or wading through a stream) down in Portage.  The conditions pictured above may look almost Michiganesque, but was just the fix I needed at the peak of my late August boredom.  So anyway, this post is mostly just a thank you to Hunter and Jeep, since their minor discovery is currently the only thing keeping me from tearing my hair out in anticipation of snow.