homemade skisHaving watched Graham rip around on his homemade skis for the past two seasons, over the this past summer I became convinced I needed him make a pair for myself.  This evening, after the months long (we’re both rather lazy, me more so the him) process of shaping, pressing, finishing, and acquiring bindings, I finally got to take them for a quick run in the Front Range.  The snow was a random variation between wind crust and ice, so I didn’t get the best test run, but they handled they conditions flawlessly, and were a blast in the small pockets of powder on the lee side of the lower bushes.  I absolutely can’t wait for what’s to come with these two!  I also have bonus video of the ski press in action, which is actually kind of dull, but  while we were making these Graham told me that we had reached “his favorite part” so I rolled the camera for a few.  Enjoy.