I woke up Sunday morning with messages on my phone explaining that I needed to meet up with people at Carrs by 8 a.m.  I checked the clock, and it was a little past 10, so I woke up and got dressed ready to turn a couple solo laps and find more of the very decent snow from the day before.  I ended up skiing the south side of Lips, as it was relatively free of glide cracks, unlike most everything else.  They’ve gotten so large on Cornbiscuit (above) that many of them look more like the large grass spots that dot Michigan ski areas in early march then actual cracks.  Anyway, the skiing was fantastic, more thick creamy powder from the day before.  Also, anyone know if this chute is skiable later in the season?, I feel like I should have noticed it before.  Also, I haven’t been skiing anything too great, but lots of other people up here have, some accounts of them on the internet are found both here, and here. a bientot