So, via the miracles or the internet I was able to discover that NHLPA 93 was actually popular outside of the New Basement.  This, despite the game’s brief mention in Swingers came as quite a surprise to me.  There are a decent amount of  93 content, check out the Bob Probert RIP videos at this link, or this complete team by team fighting analysis. Yet after wasting a whole day on this topic, from the evidence available I’m forced to conclude that elsewhere the game never reached the level of refinement achieved in the New Basement.  While the highlights above are slightly impressive and I understand that it’s impossible to write a heartfelt complaint about Basil McRae’s aggressiveness coefficient without taking one’s game play seriously, but there are just too many weak performances against the computer with a distinct lack of “the move” or basic technical refinements to be considered a threat.  Watching an 11-5 Chicago vs New Jersey game or a putrid 4-0 New Jersey defeat of Tampa Bay, this afternoon was a bit like thinking you’ve discovered life on a foreign planet only to then find out it’s only some uninteresting microbes or bacteria.  So sorry, this post was simply an excuse to quit thinking about the rain for a few minutes and a brief hope that some random may challenge me to a game up here.  Also check out the related Jamais je ne vendrai ma Super Nintendo” at LeMonde, or the epic “Al Iafrate likes motorcycles, heavy metal, and playing defense for the Capitals” piece at