So the way I’ll remember this particular Thanksgivings in the future (Which Greg is currently telling me will look like Japan) is by the excellent stretch of skiing in Summit Lake over the past couple of days.  I hadn’t skied in the area much previously , so three straight days there has felt like discovering a new area, even if we keep bumping into the same people I usually see elsewhere. The snow has been nice, a light nine inches to a foot on top of the rain crust.  Absolutely nothing seems to be moving, and the key to dealing with the hard bottom is speed, which just makes everything a bit more fun.  There may be a collection of pictures and stuff, but more likely we’ll ski something better before I get motivation to post them and time (and also this site) will move on, so the video above may be it, enjoy, and also note Max’s high speed alder bashing and crash into the highway.  If your interested in locations and such I’m horrible with the names in those parts, but this link has pictures from much of the same terrain on the same day, complete with a map.  A demain