Summit Lake Spine SkiingWhile I moped about in the office yesterday Max, Charlie and Corky went out and skied Spirit Walker in Summit Lake.  According to Max the snow was a stable 8 or 9″ above the rain crust and it skied fantastic.  Charlie snapped the photo posted up top,  which just increased my annoyance at being stuck working yesterday.  Max shot the video bellow, enjoy.

UPDATE: Via email here is Max’s account of the day:

After looking at the mountain known as Spirit walker while skiing in the trees at summit lake I felt that urge to ski it immediately. Not only did this new run have a great name but it also had the ever so valuable December sunlight striking its skiable face. On Wednesday, Charlie, Corky, and myself set out to tame spirit walker. Initially we were on the trail to Manitoba, which was our backup plan, but after coming across an old mining trail which led us right to the base of the mountain we knew we were in for an epic day. Once we skinned above tree line the boot packing began. Corky was possessed by the spirit walker and broke trail up the ridge before finally getting shut out by a wicked sugar rain crust wallowing session shortly before the summit. No worries though, we were ready to ski the 3000’ vertical line with sun on it. Charlie went first to ski the face, right away you could tell that this was going to be a great ski. Nothing moved. We ripped this early season line and headed back to the car with a great feeling of accomplishment. Charlie even made back to XC practice by 6pm!”