After a quick Peak 3 lap on Saturday I headed up Manitoba with Max, Charlie, Riley and Bret yesterday.  All morning I was expecting the conditions to limit us to the flattish west side, which would have been fun, but slightly disappointing as I’m going back to Michigan in a couple of days and (despite the stellar early season conditions) I hadn’t skied anything even moderately steep all season.  But with sunny skis, non-reactive snow, and without the slightest hint of wind Charlie and I opted to drop off the south side and I got my first real turns of the year.  The upper ridge was a little wind crusty, but the snow in the gut was fantastic.  I got a little lost on the way down as I hadn’t gotten a good look at the line before, but I think that made it all the better.  It gave me a little taste I can try to savor while I’m home waiting to get back on the snow.  Enjoy the video, I was lazy and just threw the whole run up.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention that long time friend of the site Andy is promising more ski content, and some snowmachiners have posted some frightening / hysterical avalanche pictures. Check out the sharp looking rocks, mangled seat and “ABS pack for the win” quote.  There is some more fantastic Colorado Avalanche footage from Berthoud Pass right here. A bientôt.