I was instructed to give a fake location for today’s antics as over half of our group hadn’t signed waivers (and will remain nameless) but I figured what’s the point when anyone can drive south down the highway, look left then right and have a pretty good idea what everyone is up to.  The snowpack is highly unsafe at the moment, and everyone is pretty much clustering to a couple of well know safer spots.  Charlie, myself and others skied tracked out Corn Biscuit runs and found fantastic conditions, unfortunately a lot of tracks, but still plenty of room.  Also we were lucky enough to be all but alone up there, which kept us from worrying what other groups were up to in spooky conditions on an otherwise busy saturday.  Things couldn’t have worked out better for a first day with dodgy conditons. I brought the camera along, so I figured why not shoot a run, the bellow midi results bellow.

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