Saturday, expecting stormy weather, we’d planned to go for a mellow tour in the trees, but with Max needing to test drive the rebuilt engine on his Arctic Cat we decided Friday night that the best play was to involve our snowmachines and try to find some  tree skiing terrain in Johnson Pass.  Saturday unexpectedly greeted us with sunshine but we stuck to our plan.

Previously I’d never made it very deep into Johnson Pass, as after or 6 miles riding the narrow bumpy trail we would usually give up, but Saturday we pushed on back to Bench Lake and glimpsed loads of fantastic terrain I’d never seen before.  This resulted in lots of excitement and cruising around at speed, but we managed to keep our head and get in a quick ski lap before dark.  Of coarse an unexpected sunny day can never work out flawlessly so Sue decided to get involved with a porcupine and received  a mouth full of quills.  Video of some sled action and some quill pulling bellow.  Elsewhere, check out HatchYourTrax video snow reports, or the Michigan Ski Blog finding some epic (for Michigan standards) Crystal Mountain conditions.  And although this isn’t skiing related, anything titled The Danger of Taking a Dog into the Backcountry was going to get linked from this post, especially when it concerns small dogs getting swooped up by birds.