On Saturday with the wind ripping Charlie, Max and I headed up Cornbiscuit, dropped into the third north facing shot and scored some turns on some windcrust before heading up Magnum, randomly meeting 6 or 7 other friends,  and finding excellent snow on the southern aspects making for a fantastic day (whew long sentence).  Due to the abrasiveness of the weather I had minimal expectations for the day and yet at the end of it found myself driving back to Anchorage absolutely thrilled with the days events.  The wind did a number on my ears, but there was still plenty of good snow and everything worked out.  There must be something about the smallish shape of Davis Creek that helps resist the wind because this is the 3rd or 4th time that going in there on a super windy day has paid off huge.  Anyway,  enjoy the video bellow.  Also, make sure to read my childhood ski buddy Ben Nobel’s article over at Mystery Rants.