On Friday, while struggling to find anyone who wanted to ski, and reading the weather forecast calling for sunshine and extreme cold I was bit worried I would spend the day fighting the urge to quit early and go warm up.  Well a late night call from Paul solved the issue of having no ski partners, and when he showed up at Tesoro with a team of hungover but extremely motivated future doctors set on turning as many laps as possible, an early retreat for the warmth of the car was never a possibility.  The skiing yesterday was nearly perfect, making me glad to have put in a long day, with hardly a breath of wind, cold slow sloughing snow,  and decent stability (at least on our laps) made for a perfect day.  Like a free agent (or Damphousse) I swapped teams throughout the day and kept being rewarded with perfect runs followed by more perfect runs.  Anyway, due to the big day the video bellow is a little longer then usual, enjoy.