Н. Е. Тимков

Driving home after Saturday’s powder fest I was made to believe that Sunday’s forecast called for more sunshine and more cold,  which prompted me to make around of phone calls and set  some semi-ambitious plans for following morning.  So I went to bed with happy thoughts, a stomach full of beer and thoughts  of steep sunny powder to come only to be  woken up early the next morning by both my planned ski partners calling to inform me that it was cloudy and they now had other plans.  Which at the time wasn’t too bad as I was tired and going solo allowed me to sleep a bit longer.

After a customary late start I ended up meeting up with Jeff (recently back from New Zeeland / Antarctica) and Graham and took a couple runs off the south side of Tin Can.  The snow was fantastic, and much deeper then the snow found on Saturday.  So deep that I don’t have much video as the lens was usually covered with snow after a turn or two.  The most interesting aspect of the day was Sue’s continued insistence on finding her own way down each run.  Where as in the past she would normally give chase, now she seems to try to discern where I’m going, and then looks for a solid path to get their.  It’s a bit unnerving when you get to the bottom of each run and the dog is nowhere to be found, but she always arrives after a minute or two so I don’t really know if it’s a problem.  Anyway, on to some video