alaska skiing dog avalancheSo, after suffering in the office all day, I’d made up my mind to get some front range skiing in this evening.  While getting dressed Wilson arrived from Alyeska and decided to join Sue and I in our plan to head up to Arctic Valley.  Unfortunately, the gate just past the golf coarse was shut, rendering Arctic Valley inaccessible so we went up Hiland Road thinking Harp would deliver some nice early evening light.  Both Wilson and I were pretty suspect of the snow, and decided on a mellower shot that looked to have slid recently.  It skied fantastic, both Wilson and I cruised to the bottom without incident.  Unfortunately, Sue (the dog) decided to head lookers right into a rocky wind loaded area that popped.  She swam to the lookers left and was all but out of it when it propagated further and she got slammed again.  Thankfully, despite tumbling numerous times she kept up the doggy paddle and escaped to the lookers right just as the slide was settling and quickly ran over to us.  We’re thinking this might be Sue’s last day skiing for the year.  My shot of the slide from lower in the valley is posted bellow, sorry about the poor quality pictures, all I had was my GoPro and I didn’t have any video either.shot from lower down the valley(click for big)