I woke up Sunday planning on skiing, but with little motivation (due to our persistently unstable snowpack) and a chaotic Malaysian Grand Prix to watch I wasn’t expecting to get out the door too quickly as I was planning on skiing alone.  But by the time the race had finished the sunshine had convinced Wilson, Max and Riley to all go skiing as well.  After some brief discussion of the merits of Hatcher Pass, a short video convinced everyone to go explore near Byron in Portage.  We initially parked at Byron, but with the valley, ridge and peak encased in thick clouds, we changed plans and decided to head up Explorer Glacier and see what we could find.

We followed the moraine to the foot of the glacier where we took the obvious ramp onto the glacier and continued up, angling right with the large crevasses to our right.  Unfortunately by the time reached the top  and traversed towards a couple of nice northerly shots on the west side of the glacier some clouds moved in and convinced us to bail without skiing anything with much pitch.  The exit from the glacier was incredibly easy, as a wide pleasant skiing creek lead directly to some power lines that kicked us back on the road, all extremely visible from the bottom of the glacier.

So despite the lack of any steep turns I drove home very satisfied with the day.  I’ve been staring up at this valley for so long that it was nice to know both what the view is like and that it is incredibly accessible.  I was testing out my pole cam mount so I’ve got a little video, nothing too exciting, but it’s got a good view of the route over some snow bridges and the easy exit down the creek.