Lynx CreeYesterday after work (around 3:30pm) Max, Wilson and I drove to Johnson Pass with snowmobiles hoping to get in a late afternoon lap on the Captain’s Chair (pictured above).  It only took 10 minutes or so to get to the base of the climb from the parking lot.  The trail is getting a little thin, but was still easily ride-able.  From there it wasn’t more then an hour before we’d skinned up the ridge and were getting ready to traverse / climb over to the line.

Unfortunately that’s when the clouds came in limiting our visibility to a few feet and  draining everyone’s motivation.  We cracked a couple beers in an attempt to wait for a sucker hole, but after an hour of waiting, with daylight dwindling and no sign of any clearing we retreated back down our skin trail to the snowmobiles and motored back to the parking lot.  And of coarse, as soon as the snowmobiles were back on the trailer the crowds broke and we were forced to stare up at what could have been bathed in beautiful orange sunset colors.  So the season of frustration continues, however, I know it could be much worse, for example, all of you that are forced to read all this dross.  Anyway, having seen the line up close I can confirm it’s sweet and I’m more likely then ever I’ll be back.