Granddaddy ChutePlanning on skiing the north side of Byron, Max, Charlie, Spencer, Corky and I got an uncharacteristically early start leaving town at 6:30.  We arrived to find Byron enveloped in pea soup clouds, and made a unanimous decision to keep driving in search of some sunshine.  After deciding on Granddaddy, we sped up Bertha Creek, the frozen early morning snow making for super quick travel.  The wind was pretty strong with occasional deep throaty groans and the clouds were racing with an artificial looking high speed that we decided against skinning up the ridge and chose instead to boot up the looker right of the chute next to the rocks.  Corky led the charge, and  despite a pocket of super firm snow we all reached the top without incident.  With the clouds whipping by at a fantastic clip we thought it would only be a matter of time before a sucker hole blew in, but we all got cold and anxious before that had could occur and ended up skiing the line in a cloud.  The snow was surprisingly fantastic, the wind had filled the chute with a couple inches of dry styrofoam like snow that skied great. Also, be warned, Max and I were fooling around with our cameras so the video bellow is a little strange.