There may be buds on the trees and green grass sprouting all around town , but by last Friday morning I was craving some skiing and started putting out rounds of desperate texts looking for anyone who wanted to ski Saturday a few minutes after I woke up.  Early that evening, with 3 or 4 people all voicing some interest my stress / withdrawals were subsiding somewhat as plans seemed on to be coming together.  That is until I realized I’d lost my wallet at some point on Thursday.  The thought that I was without any access to money and that my van was completely empty, put my lack of skiing angst right back to where it was when I’d woken up that morning.

Initially I  figured I had little choice but to visit the bank Saturday morning.   But as it’s now late may and late starts can mean a full day of slogging through mash potatoes, I started to wonder if I should just convince someone to pick me up from my house early in the morning, and put the whole bank thing off until Monday once I’d gotten my skiing fix. It was with that second plan in mind that I went to bed without any real plan but  when I woke up Saturday morning at 7 (Graham and I’s prearranged departure time) to thick clouds and decided to go back to bed, and see if anyone still wanted to ski after I’d visited the bank later that morning.

Luckily both Graham and Kelly were feeling incapacitated in the morning and after some discussion plans  were set to leave around 10.   Things should have gone smoothly from there but I had some further drama involving visits to multiple bank branches by bike, momentarily forgetting my boots and calling Kellie trying to quit and weasel out of the day only to be talked back into continuing.  In the end we were on the road by a very dongshow like 11 a.m.  We set off for the Ram Valley above Eagle River, which I had yet to visit previously.  I’d also spent a fair amount of time looking at pictures of some of the north facing chutes some local skiers had posted further wetting my appetite explore the area a bit.

We had to bushwhack, then walk about 800 feet to the rim of the valley before finding enough snow to put our skis on, but after a short skin we found ourselves at the bottom of a nice chute off Koroshuk which Graham and Kelly quickly led the way up.  It’d snowed a day or two previously up there so the snow hadn’t really corned up, but the days cloud cover had preserved it somewhat so although it was kind of sticky it skied just fine.  That didn’t keep me from getting tired and crashing towards the bottom though.  Check out the video and you can watch my skiing get sloppier and sloppier on the way down till I cross my tips and face plant.  Some great weekend fun, a fantastic day that almost didn’t happen, about just enough to keep me satisfied and hoping to push the season on for another couple of weeks.  More soon.