After a week of steady improvement along with a brief survey of the tide tables, Max, Hunter and I decided to test our windsurfing skills in the inlet last Saturday.  We’d originally decided around a spot near McHugh Creek at 11am, and the before leaving the winds were looking favorable.  But upon arrival the water looked nasty with lots of chop and some really nasty looking current.  The tide was also a ways out and just getting down to the water looked to be quite a bit of a challenge.  In the end I got scared and we pulled the plug, and continued on to Portage Lake.  The winds were initially a little light,but things improved through out the afternoon, and after some confidence building sailing there, we decided to try in the inlet, this time near Peterson Creek.  It went well, as in we didn’t float off, but staying ahead of the current was as difficult or more then we suspected.  A great day of windsurfing, some video as usual bellow, this time with the additional bonus of some slash guitar Max recorded to go with the windsurfing.