More video from this past Wednesday’s races out in Big Lake at the Alaska Sailing Club.  All the video is from Chris’s boat.  I was sailing with Tim, and we won all three races so any video from our boat wouldn’t have contained much action.  So far I only have the 1st and 3rd races, but the second race will be up added as soon as I get the chance.  You’ll notice that Chris is at a serious disadvantage as the only boat on the water without a spinnaker but still manages to beat a couple boats each race.  In other news, Max scored a mint condition Mistral Maui that has long been forgotten in the back of his employers warehouse, and if you are looking to buy a house, it would be hard to do much better then this beautiful property.  Also Luc Mehl has some amazing pictures to go with a great story of an amazing  bike, ski, raft Denali traverse from north to south.

Race 2:

Race 3: