Hunter, Matt the Cook and I went down to Seward last weekend for more sailing on Resurrection Bay with the William H. Seward Yacht Club.  Where as on my one previous day down there Max and I both sailed on Williwaw, this time Hunter ended up on Cirrus, while Matt the Cook and I were racing with Gary on Maniac  (a Beneteau FC10 for the boat nerds amongst the readers).  It turned out to be another great day on the water with solid winds and the occasional spot of sunshine.   I’ve got some video from the first part of the first race from both Cirrus and Maniac.  I put both starts, and both of our first tacks (which were in response to one another) for a bit of comparison.  You can see how on Maniac we managed to completely screw our start by failing to get the sails in and general chaos amongst the first time crew members.  We recovered and managed to take  a3rd place, but there is definitely room for improvement.