I’ve been realizing that while I have posted hundreds of pictures of the places I visit in my free time, I have thusfar failed to post anything that would enlighten the handful of non-Alaskan readers as to what it looks like here in town where I somewhat unfortunately spend most of my time.  This may, if I feel ambitions,  become a continuing series throughout the remainder of the summer.  I’ll start out with a basic rundown of what people drive who live near me drive.

First up is my local liquor store clerk Vinny, who protects his Mustang with a parking cone.  Although his car has been hit on numerous occasion by his own drunken clientele, he still refuses to park behind the store.  He considers the parking cone a double win, not only is it protecting his front bumper, but it also brings increased attention to his beloved car.

The El Camino enjoys enormous popularity amongst my neighbors.  This house,  previously featured around here for their incredible no trespassing sign, always proudly parks their El Camino in their driveway, and commonly stores 4 wheelers, Dirt Bikes, strange plastic vats, or extension ladders in the back bed.  Since taking this picture this house’s inhabitants have acquired an additional El Camino (forest green) that came with a white topper.

Again, here is a pair of dueling El Caminos a 5 minute walk from my house.  The broken early 90s wood trim television in the back is worthy of a couple of extra points.

The El Camino is so loved in this little neighborhood some people have even branched out and purchased a copycat Dodge Rampage 22, a model I never knew existed.

This is the local Ice cream truck that I would love to claim was driven by a pedophile if it wasn’t actually driven by a large women with huge 80s rocker hair.  While listening to this thing as it wanders through the streets near my house playing it’s stupid tune I’ve become convinced that someone driving around blasting metal and selling cigarettes and booze out of a pickup truck would make a lot more money then this women trying to take a couple quarters from the kids.