Fall is an awful season, I’m so glad its over.   As with every year, each fall season that I don’t leave the country my accomplishments consist of driving my self crazy over tedium, and boredom.  The skiing has been pretty good the last couple of weeks though, and I’ve been feeling better, but today was absolutely fantastic, I feel like I got put back on my medicine.  I went up to Goldpan with Andy this morning, and enjoyed a nice ridge walk along Magnum with the Viking before dropping in to Superbowl.  Some other folks had beat us up there, but no one had skied the line I was planning on taking, so it was all good.  A little wind affected up top, but absolute pow down bellow.  I didn’t ski so well, as I’m not really in shape yet and embarassingly my legs were gassed halfway down.  From there, Andy and I headed up Cornbiscuit and skied the corner-pocket chute before bushwhacking our way back to the road.  Our run down Superbowl has had me in a permagrin since I got to the bottom.  After last years horrible season it felt so so nice to finally ski something steep and interesting. Video bellow.