Thanks to veterans day, and a series of storms blowing through, I’ve spent the last 3 days doing nothing other then ski powder and watch football.  My progarm has been as follows.  Leave home each morning before the sun is up, spend all day swimming in the snow, a nervous drive home (today the car in front of us lost a wheel, etc.) in the dark followed by lounging at home, eating some pizza, and disinterestedly watching football.  Friday I went up Eddies with Max and Mikey, and returned there again on Saturday with Andy.  Friday was pretty deep, and it continued to snow through that night and all day Saturday, so both days were deep and wet with lots of faceshots.

Today, Andy and I were headed back to Turnagain and the sun was coming out, we really couldn’t believe our luck, but once we got out of the car at Sunburst we instantly noticed the wind, which battered us all day.  It was also worth a laugh that after cruising past and overflowing Tin Can lot, Keille and friends were the only people parked at sunburst, and the next 3 cars all contained friends of ours whose first words were to remark on the crowd at tin can.  It made for a kind of a class reunion fare as everyone caught up after the long off season.

So we headed up Magnum and braved the winds, which were of the super nasty sustained type, with gusts to 40 or so as well. As predicted they torched the snow in places.  Luckily, Davis Creek is small and somewhat sheltered, so after a turn or two we found some extremely nice powder.  I’ve only got a handful of pictures from today, with the heavy snow friday and saturday and the intense wind and cold today weren’t very conducive to picture taking.  I also set off a non consequence windslab lower down by slashing on the crest of wind loaded gully.  Picture bellow.  Oh, and I have to mention Jamie Pierre, RIP.  He’s made an appearance in each of our full length films, and talked shit to all of us back in the Utah days.  Very sad news.