Last week the wind blew and it got extremely cold and I was convinced all the snow had gone to shit.  I didn’t even go out on saturday, opting to pass on a day of -17 F. temps, wind, and crust skiing.  But sunday, neither Max nor I could resist and we wound up going up Cornbiscuit.  Strangely it was cloudy and overcast everywhere but Turnagain Pass, and we actually had decent visibility, although very little direct sunshine.  And the snow, was actually fantastic, the week long cold snap had dried it out and made it surprisingly fast, I was shocked how quick I got going before having a chance to throw a turn, and the wind seemed to have minimal effect on the northern lines in Davis Creek.  So great times, and I’m thrilled to report that its currently dumping in Anchorage, and has been snowing hard down south since early yesterday.  So whoohoo, more snow and more skiing to come.  Video form the weekend bellow.