As regular readers have realized,  my bijanxed knee is keeping me from enjoying the snow (which I’m told has been fantastic) so the posting around here has slowed.  But in an effort to cure boredom, and keep this place from becoming stale, I have been searching for material to write about.  Graham suggested another neighborhood profile, but my current neighborhood lacks the quirks of the old one, so I’ll have to hold out on that for a bit.  I’ve considered documenting vanity plates, but I never seem to have my camera handy and tales of 1BADPT and MY24CR aren’t nearly as cool as pictures.  But yesterday in an attempt to avoid reading about skiing, I began some ratebeer reminiscing.  After stumbling upon old stories of smuggling a Founders keg into Canada, and reading certain memorable ratings  I realized I’d forgotten the fact that my local brewers provide me with all the material I ever need.

Despite being in this sites title, and a low level of drunkenness pervading most the activities I mention around here, it’s been a few years since I’ve written anything about beer.  That said,  I’m currently trying to limit my booze intake, as alcohol consumption seems to stiffen my knee. And after taking some time to re-read my friends vintage ratings, I don’t think my ratings of the current Anchorage offerings  can live up to the lofty standards we set back in ’02. I still feel more beer ratings should read like this:

“All hopped up like Carlton Banks in the Fresh Prince episode where Will has speed in his locker during a high school dance. A golden-orange color, a little on the lighter side. Not my favorite style, but it’s decent”

Or this gem:

“Roasty smell with coffee aroma, a deep brown like a high school freshman’s first dime bag it. A very light head. The fire department was too late, it is oh so burnt and i like it. “

The other problem I have with pivoting to beer talk is that I’m also particularly ashamedthat I have yet to write anything about  Zach’s new brewery in Portland, despite seeing it being mentioned in numerous articles over the past couple of weeks.  But last night, with memories of  the New Basement and that Brettanomyces obsessed trip to Montreal fresh in my mind a spotted a bottle of Anchorage Galaxy White IPA inside a BrownJug cooler and the words, “bottled with Brett” caught my eye.  With my a craving for something sour I figured I’d test my taste buds and see what I could do with my first beer rating in 4 or 5 years.  Results bellow.

3.7 Aroma: 8 Apperanace:4 Flavor 5 Body: 5 Overal 15

Very floral hop aroma with some dry yeast and wood smells that have me thinking of a midwestern bar on a crisp fall day.  Pours with a large head that dissipates to a frothy 1/4″ of white cream.  Straw yellow and cloudy.  Not much of the sourness I was expecting, opens up with some bready malt, and rounded hops, and finishes with a sharp dose Brett bitterness.  Wonderfully balanced body and lively feel.  Very interested in trying their other beers now.