Now that I’ve skipped town I’m feeling a  lot more confident about trashing on some of my old neighbors so I figure it’s time to put together the 2nd post in this series.  First off, the Durango pictured above lived across the street from me.  Despite the THUMPN vanity the car didn’t seem to have an aggressive stereo or anything, and mostly just sat parked in the grass, with the celestial tail gate on display for passersby.What  I can say is that it’s owner was involved in an extended feud with my roommate that occasionally escalated to shouting across the street and calling the cops over each others poorly behaved dogs and children.

This was a constant once the snow melted, although they weren’t so much yard sales as they were semi-permanent gypsy style markets taking place in peoples lawns and driveways.  They seemed to be selling 90s televisions, fitness equipment and various other junk more days then not.

PT Cruiser enthusiasm was alive and well on the east side.  My local coffee stand was even home to a PT vs HHR rivalry amongst the two girls that worked there.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the murdered out red PT  often seen cruising our streets with a windshield brim and a 1BADPT vanity plate.

Both the name and the aggressive signs on the door of our local convenience store always got a laugh out of me, but if I’m honest the store was pretty awful and I won’t miss their outrageous ATM fees.  Cigarettes were actually cheaper at the place across the street anyway.  There was a lot of discussion in the neighborhood about the relationship between the store’s owners and the shady Asian massage parlor in the same strip mall.

I’d seen this regional MPV driving around with the HOOCH plates for weeks but hadn’t managed to get a picture so one night I chased him down on my bike and got the above shot while he was stuck at a traffic light.  Have I mentioned how much I love not waiting at 3am red lights with no one around since moving out of Anchorage, well if not, it’s fantastic.

This guy was parked at the local liquor store on most days just as I was riding home from work.  Unfortunately I happened to take the picture just as the owner was exiting the store and was on the end of a stare down as I rode away.  Pretty pumped to be out of town, hopefully I can get some windsurfing video put together here soon.  Conditions on Eyak lake have been prime, I just don’t haven any of my camera stuff available due to the move.