Sorry for the lengthy delay getting this post up.  The week long cruise followed by moving to Cordova caused some lengthy delays in rendering the race video. So anyway, the 2nd White Sails Series (which i missed) has already taken place by the time I got the video of race one up.  Anyway, after last year’s Alaska Cup victory and a nice day of practice on friday, I was going into the first two races feeling pretty confident in our abilities.  Unfortunately as you’ll see in the video our first race was a series of mistakes.  We understood our first layline, and even after a quick set of tacks we managed to run over the mark.  Then despite our penalty turn leaving us buried in last place, our spinnaker run (which would have been better if i’d attached the pole downhaul) had us up in 2nd place before we botched a last minute jibe (norm jibed the boat before Graham and I had a chance to build the pole) and allowed Linda to sneak in and beat us.  Video bellow.  Race 2 went a lot smoother and we finished in 2nd comfortably, but were still a long ways off Inua’s pace.  Kind of a humbling series of races.