Sorry for the cheesy title and picture, but after my first day skiing since January I felt Mallarme would be appropriate.  I wasn’t even planning on skiing yesterday, but an email after work from a local convinced me to go ski what I guess is called Wolverine.  In typical style I drove to the trailhead without my backpack, but as I’m now in Cordova, it was only a minor delay.  I was able to drive home and back in about 10 minutes.  No bushwhacking was necessary, just a nice walk across some incredible meadows  (with this strange almost manicured looking grass) and I was on the snow within 5 minutes.  I skinned up an avy chute, and then booted for a bit when it got too steep.  My knee felt fine at all times but I was a bit leery while booting that I had wandered  on to a somewhat larger then ideal slope for my first post surgery, but once I was skiing I felt great.  Since I was dropping in at around 9pm the sun-cups were soft, chattering was minimal, and my knee felt fine.  Met a friend on the ski down and proceeded to drink some whiskey at the Powder house.   From there I spent the rest of the evening sort of dancing and spinning around inside my house like a freak.  It was such a relief to get on my skis and make some turns that last evening felt like an abrupt shift in time.  Now I can wait for winter confidently.  Here is a photo of the line I skied, photo of the lake bellow, more to come.