alaska skiingThe horror of January and early February is no longer bothering me as the skiing has been consistently good for long enough that I’ve completely lost track of time. Weeks and months are all mixed together as days relate to each other more by the similarities of snow conditions and what was skied rather then their postion on a calender.  Yesterday will stand out in my memory for some time though, as it was the real life version of the stereotypical ‘epic April day in AK’, the type of day I missed out on of last season and which I managed to completely forget was coming in my rainy mid winter thin snowpack depression.  Its extremely reassuring to know days like yesterday can not only happen but sew themselves so seamlessly into everyday life that they don’t really feel significant at the time.

alaska skiingI walked home from work yesterday afternoon, changed clothes, and walked out the door with my skis and boots on my shoulder.  After about 20 minutes walking down the road I switched over to skis and skins. I had skied the shoulder of Eccles the day prior and was pretty confident in the conditions and had planned on skiing Wart Face down to the lake (my lines the top picture).  The approach was uneventful, skinning in a t-shirt while listening to BBC podcasts I found myself up top sooner then expected.  From above the center of the roll over into the face looked a little cross loaded, so I skied along the skiers right of the face, with the idea of being able to bail to the ridge, before cutting into the center.  The snow was perfect Alaskan velvet, and sluffed from every turn for some extra fun and a nice cloud of snow in the corner of my eye as I hit the apron.  I’ve got a huge smile on my face just thinking about it.  From there I skinned back up and, bumped into the Mike Records crew (who has some tasty TT43 pics)on top, then hit the mellower bowl in the far left of the top picture for more perfect snow. Fantastic day, hopefully more like it to come.

alaska skiing