Aiye, I’ve been lazy about updating this place and responding to people but the apathy of an extremely slowly developing winter might have taken me to a new level of online reclusiveness.  Anyway, things are good, it didn’t snow this year for what seemed like forever, and then when it did it never really got cold or snowed very much.  I saw a bear, or very fresh bear tracks on more then half of my days touring before Christmas.  Despite that, some fun was had, when not wasting time walking through brush or over dead fall time can be saved skinning on ice because when there isn’t any snow breaking trail becomes less difficult.

Despite the dismal winter last weekend the skiing was pretty good.  The chair at Mt Eyak was open for 3 days, the ridge skied well and on Sunday I finally skied the west face of Mt Shields with the help of local snowboard legend Kanji.

Unfortunately, as soon as things were starting to look pretty good, it began raining, and temperatures are currently in the 40s.  I hear it’s snowing in Valdez, but while listening to the rain its really too depressing to check.  Luckily things will likely improve, and in retrospect conditions were quite a bit worse then this last year in January.  All is well in Cordova, i’ll try to keep this updated at a more normal pace this winter.