Well, this winter has mostly been about waiting, and then when the waiting is over you get the joys of bushwhacking through alders, tagging rocks, and walking for a mile or so down half paved dirt roads in ski boots.  Things have improved from January, I’m currently able to look out my window and see some snow thanks to a wintery week in mid February.  Mt Eyak was open for a couple days, and thanks to extended sunlight this time of year I was able to piece together a 10 plus day streak of skiing everyday with the help of after work dusk laps.  Tuesday was the highlight of the apres-work turns that seem to have made up the bulk of my season when I was able to get up on top of the far eastern face of Wolverine Ridge.  The snow was fantastic, a couple inches of supportable powder without any hint of wind crust.

The skiing was great, but this year is so thin that I found myself kicking steps in tundra moss and walking on scree along the ridge to reach the entrance point pictured above.  What last year (also a thin winter) was a pleasant approach that allowed you too keep your skis on was a bit of a windswept scramble more typical of the I-70 corridor.

Other then evening laps on Wolverine, I skied way back in to Middle Arm last Sunday but didn’t really ski anything worth remembering. The more north facing couloirs coming off the back of Queen’s Chair weren’t fully filled in, and the best looking of the bunch was blocked by a large frozen waterfall. Otherwise life in Cordova pleasant, Ice Worm Festival was a nice break from the rain, and the heli skiers haven’t been too annoying thus far, so things are good, but a some significant snowfall would be greatly appreciated.