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18 Responses to “Comments”

  1. G-Spot Says:

    When is the new movie coming out?????

  2. dongshow Says:

    we were having computer issues, and we’re also lazy. We may put something together sooner or later.

  3. Ptor-

    Where the fuck is the football commentary section? Messi will make Barca champions of europe this year. Frequenting the Toronado in SF, Pliny the Elder is getting the better of me.



  4. Kyle Says:

    i want a comin in hot 2
    send me your email ptor!
    i signed up for my 2 classes at UAA 75% of them are on only monday. good shit.

  5. Mania Says:

    Way to pull it together and get the site back online!

  6. Keagan Says:

    Brennan call me
    315 298 2854
    hope all is pow


  7. To start, allow me to point out that your internet site is fantastic. I love the theme that you have. It was very easy on the eyes. Appreciate your article too. Definitely subscribed to your feed to make sure I won’t be missing out on any updates. Excellent job! Toast to a productive business

  8. kevin Says:

    where’s the world cup coverage?

  9. ryan pallister Says:

    good work on the site, like seeing what your getting done. Keep it up.

  10. Ed Says:

    Liking your guys posts this winter. I guess I need to get to summit.

    I’d like to come out and film with you guys sometime this winter if you’d be down with that. We’re trying to stack footage for a local flick…nothing insane. Just good riding on our local peaks. Hit me up if you guys would like to ride and film some stuff.


  11. Scott Preheim Says:

    My favorite is the inflatable pool that houses the keg…. You should send this pic into “Cause were american that’s”

  12. We would like to send you a press release about the restoration of Manitoba Mountain.

    Can you please provide an email address?

    Thank you, MRA

  13. The Pete Says:

    Well zapcats will be easy to snag but even easier if dongshow renews it’s business license. Max let me know the status, I can take the reigns on this one.

  14. Hello There, I have been reading your posts for some time now and find them very enjoyable. I have nominated your site for the Versatile Blogger Award! I was recently nominated and it made me very happy. I hope this has the same affect to your blog mood. Good Luck and Enjoy! You have been nominated as a potential candidate! If you are interested in taking part you can see the details on this link:

  15. adam baxter Says:

    Heading to Cordova with potentially a day or 2 to fill with some skiing Feb 2nd maybe 3’rd too if the gettin’ is good. Was hoping for some advise or possbily tag along for some local tours. not sure how to leave you my info but I’ll figure that out.

    1. dongshow Says:

      Hopefully there is some snow

  16. Josh Says:

    You do realize that only Snowbird in Utah gets 500 inches of snow and has great terrain right? The rest of Utah’s resorts get a lot less snow and/or have crappy/less steep terrain. Sure Colorado resorts get less snow than Snowbird but places like Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, and Silverton have just as good terrain as Snowbird does just with a little less snow. The other Colorado resorts offer more terrain and better terrain than the other resorts in Utah do outside cottonwood canyon! In fact Telluride and Aspen usually get more snow than Snowbird does from November to January. Some years Silverton also gets over 400 inches and its terrain puts all resorts in Utah to shame. Also Colorado is not “snowless” as you ridiculously claim, Utah is a much drier state than Colorado and gets a lot less snow as a whole. Just Because cottonwood canyon gets a lot of snow doesn’t mean Utah as a state does overall.

    Why do you hate Colorado just because some dumb Michigan person doesn’t know that Snowbird in Utah gets more snow than Colorado resorts? Michigan people aren’t from Colorado you know!

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