The recent period of plenty (sunshine and powder) has left me with a Michigan ski area sized pile of work to get through.  So I’ve got nothing to post, nor will I over the next couple of days, and  Wilson is far too busy watching reality shows focused on either rehab, intervention or pawn shops to produce anything of interest on his own.  Luckily for all of you Stinsmania sent up some footage from Utah of himself and Pete Proos to provide you dear readers with some content.


Wilson just arrived with tales of the various happenings in Zion, and Mania passed these clips along earlier this week, enjoy the long overdue Utah update.  Despite Alaskans collectively behaving like disappointed toddlers over some less than stellar conditions we’ll be getting after it soon.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted any Crystal Mountain footage before, which is a shame as it’s both where I learned to ski and the area I know better then any other.  It finally came together this year as we got some fresh snow and I had a camera to capture it all, days like this one (i.e fresh snow) are sadly rare, your more likely to see leaves blowing across the hill then snow above your boots.  Anyway, what follows is mostly me skiing the tree lines (all of which were forbidden when I was a kid) and my cousin Mike jumping in the park.

As I’ve always found it easier to be comfortable in the cold, I can’t say I really mind (nor have I been keenly aware of) the shitty weather we’ve apparently had up here which everyone is complaining about. I guess I can’t remember that many warm sunny days, but I can’t remember ever being upset by it either. It just really seems to carry so much less weight with me outside of the snowy season. I can’t remember having looked at a forecast since May.

That said, I have to admit to having enjoyed the warm sunny weather I received on my recent 10 day stint. It was rarely painfully warm, and never to the point of being sleep depriving. Lake Michigan was unbelievably warm, and the lake at our cottage almost felt like a pool. The warm water encouraged lots of swimming and I really began to realize how much I’ve missed the constant swimming with a healthy supply of diving boards and bridges to jump from.

the diving board, normally seen without the somewhat odd dredging equipment

the diving board, normally seen without the somewhat odd dredging equipment

Flying up here in shorts at the end of the week I expected an instant chill, but found it surprisingly warm. That pleasant surprise was really nothing though in comparison to the treat Jeff and Max cooked up Friday. After work, and before going out to the bar, the three of us took their work boat over to Pt. Mackenzie, where, with the help of my wetsuit I was able to do some what I guess you’d call pier diving. Although I guess dock diving does have a certain ring to it, in all the excitement I really haven’t cooked up the vocabulary to deal with it, over the years I have been conditioned to view the discipline of jumping sport in distinct genres (bridge, cliff, and sometimes platform) and haven’t really decided weather the Point Mackenzie spot deserves the creation of an entirely new genre (pier? dock?), or if it would be best squeezed into an existing one (platform most likely); the whole mess itself brings back memories of the beer days, but oh well, here is the video.