More boondocking with the sled.  Just posting since we need to have some more updates on here that are snow related.



Finally made it out to the cabin a couple of weeks ago and hit some of the better snow conditions of the year.  There is about half as much snow as normal but the boondocking was superb.   Its been nice  getting a new computer and getting back into the editing world again.  Random music is a solo composition by myself – love it or hate it, no reason to worry about youtube removing it.

Moving to Cordova, so so so excited.

I’d promised more video to come from Max and Wilson’s Valdez trip a few weeks back. Well, Scott got after it and put together a video from the trip. Enjoy.

My knee surgery last Wednesday went well.  While I was focusing on reducing swelling, Wilson and Max went to Valdez with a motor home, an airstream trailer, and a load of sleds.  They lucked out with two sunny days, but Wilson added to this winters casualty list by taking a tumble on Bro Bowl.  Luckily Wilson walked away from the scary crash with nothing more then some back pain.  If your interested in investigating further you can watch Dan Vandermuelen ski the line  successfully, at the 5 minute mark of the video at this link.  I’ll have some more of their footage up here soon just to keep things looking fresh around here.   Adios.

Taking advantage of exceptional late season conditions in the Wasatch Mania, Politics and Gary headed out for some June snowmobiling down in Utah.  Pretty impressive, especially considering how bare everything looks around here.  In more ski related news, check out Andreas Fransson’s first descent of the South Face of Denali, or the Chamonix Insider has a complete video breakdown of the Voie Mallory.

Lots of Memorial Day action, but so far I have very little to show for it.  Fortunately Politics has begun sending me some highlights from this past season in the Wasatch.  I’ve also been experimenting with Twixtor to so the new footage to play with was much appreciated.

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