I’m having surgery to repair my knee Wednesday, but Max, Wilson and Charlie went up Eddies on Saturday and Max returned with some footage.  Enjoy.

It was supposed to snow yesterday, but it remained sunny and calm granting us an additional day to enjoy the near perfect snow.  Andy and I were considering going up Kickstep, but the site of some friends at the Eddies lot convinced us to join them for a sure thing.

My season of camera mis-operation continues, and I forgot to tighten it properly so it slams down there and the end missing out on the glorious apron.  No matter, with stability and powder I have nothing to complain about, especially considering last season.  This month has been fantastic.  The cold has been completely overshadowed by the perfect skiing.  I wish every day could be like yesterday.

It seemed like every skier I know was at the Tin Can lot this morning.  Proper and the Library got destroyed, Charlie (pictured above), Graham and Neil (track pictures here) snowboarded some incredible lines further back.  Luke had mittens on his feet at one point trying to avoid frostbite (it was -5 ish), and a large group of friends with a dog hacked through a giant cornice to ski some nice lines (picture bellow)  just road side of the lines Graham and Neil took.  I even got to see a speed wing descent of Tin Can proper.  So despite not skiing anything worth mentioning (I’ve lost all skills) an all around incredible day on skis that will stick in the memory for a while.

I went out solo on Sunday figuring I just needed to turn some laps and get in shape, but the conditions turned out to be fantastic with light waist deep snow like I remember from my Alta days blowing over my head at all times.  A couple of pillow lines with cold deep faceshots really rounds out a weekend.  Things were breaking loose down low, but the snow was so light and un-bonded as to not really be a concern.  Hopefully more soon, Wilson is even talking about getting back out there now that his toes seem to have heeled.

I went to bed thinking I was meeting at Carrs this morning at 8 on the way up Peterson Creek, but woke up to numerous texts saying plans had changed, we were meeting at 7 and going for Wolverine. The early rush caused me to run out the door in a t-shirt, and after seeing the thermometer hit -29 driving past placer I was a little worried I would end up frozen stiff in some creek.  It turned out I was fine in the cold (I kept my down on to till the summit), but it caused both Jeff and I to have numerous skin failures and we both ended up using skin straps to keep things together pretty much from the parking lot.  Neil led a quick skin up the sharks fin and up the west face/ridge to the summit.  From there Jeff lead the way across the gnarlier sections of the ridge, and after traversing the entire thing, we skied the same line I’d skied on my previous trip.  We skied 4 or 5 minutes before the clouds moved began blocking the sun.  Great times, I’m still feeling exhausted from my 3 weeks in Michigan, so the skiing itself wasn’t anything pretty (Neil went first and crushed it).  I also failed operating cameras today so I have nothing but pictures.  Looks like it’s going to snow for the next couple days, hopefully this next cycle is as good as the last.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been in Michigan exploring West Grand Rapids bars for the last 3 weeks.  But Wilson recently moved up to Alaska since Utah doesn’t have any snow, and the conditions are seem best described as incredible so there should be plenty to come soon.  We finally got out today , despite the cold temps, and it was incredible.  A binding failure kept us from going exactly where we’d planned, but the day was incredible none the less.

I’m still to cold to really go on much longer, but the video bellow should make clear that Davis Creek is skiing really really well, hopefully we’ll be able to report on the rest of the range soon.

I forgot all my camera’s on Saturday, so of coarse the weather decided to co-operate and give us a gorgeous window of light that morning.  Andy, who snapped the picture above, joined me and lead the way up Eddies, keeping the pace up to beat the incoming clouds.  The horizontal light this time of year is something I look forward too throughout the summer, and the snow was absolutely perfect surfable Alaskan cream.  Effortless skiing, and some all time top turns.  I should forget my camera equipment more often if this is the way I’m going to be rewarded.

Also, near the bottom I skied into some alder cliff mess, clicked out of my skis (immediately after reminding myself that was a horrible idea), found an easy exit and then got into all sorts of problems trying to retrieve one of my skis, including a couple short tumbles over some rocks and rotten snow.   There were a few moments where I thought I’d be joining Charlie in the lost ski   I’m laughing about it now, but at the time it was rather annoying.   Despite the stupidity down low, everything up high was so good as to make it easily overlooked.  This season has already delivered above and beyond all of last year.

Elsewhere, Beau is back to posting almost daily mouth watering shots from the Beartooths, and Skier Boyz have a rundown of some of the road chaos from yesterday, which I may or may not get to posting about later this week.

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