2-12-08: The Cycle Concludes


I’m a bit over writing a full chronological account of last weeks events. It’s started snowing again. Walking out the door to a balmy 20 degrees to find 8” of snow Monday morning helped situate everything in the course of the season quite nicely. It’s been sunny stable and cold for what seems like 3 weeks. So hitting up Peterson Creek, the Grand-Daddy Chute at the top of Bertha Creek, and rallying around Johnson Pass with Mikey on the Trail Deluxe were a good way to end what’s been a period of really good skiing. Who knows how long this snowy stuff will last this time or what’s going to be sliding. Should be interesting.

Max is stranded down in what is apparently an urban Ketchikan; the duration of his stay is currently undecided. Mikey just bought a backcountry set up; so he too will be causing problems with the rest of us. Team Sunrise should have more videos I can put up here soon. Dave Rider’s guest article still hasn’t been received, and Wilson will apparently be here for what is something like 3 weeks in March and April. My phone is misplaced in the house, so that’s my current excuse for not talking to all of you.

I’d like to wish Garret, who has been up here killing it for the last week good luck with the new farm. He’s been a great addition to our usual antics both on snow and otherwise. Selling a stripper a piece of pizza for $3 might be the move of the month. And now, more pictures. Thanks for reading

Full Pictures of what we’ve been doing can be found in our Gallery. Specifics such as Peterson Creek and Grand Daddy Chute should be at the other end of those links.