Max and Nate flew across the sound to Valdez for the weekend and while there caught some of the action at the Valdez Fly-In.  The video above is from the STOL competition.  The gray plane near the begging that nearly topples over forwards, and the Black Super Cub with the Bi-Plane mod from Nabesna are my personal favorites. (Part 2 is Here)   On this side of the range their was fantastic corn skiing to be had but I have been to lazy to go through the video so I have nothing to show from it other then some nasty sunburn that’s left my face looking like a tomato.   Elsewhere be sure to check out Andreas Fransson’s two crazy days in Chamonix for some fantastic pictures of a north face of Aiguille du Plan descent.  And Fuck Yea Grand Rapids has posted some pictures of the Saw Kaw card tables, in their previous home, which I’ll re post bellow.