We crossed the border shortly after the thermometer in Hunter’s truck bottomed out at 40 bellow, and as we drove towards Tok we could feel the temperature continue to fall, as the space near the windows felt as if it was an active heat vacuum.  The last day of the drive went well, it even got sunny in the afternoon, and despite Hunter and I taking turns almost totaling the truck (Hunter in early morning blowing snow, myself on Anchorage ice) everything arrived in good shape including Max’s snowmobile.

 Since then I managed to break my fritschis the first day at Turnagain, but managed to get them warrantied.  The shop, in some strange attempt to quell word of the discovered flaw (a weak toe mounting bracket that cracked while free heeling on crust) seized the defective bindings before I was able to take any pictures to share here.  Oh well, the skiing here is marginal at the moment.  After a 3 week spell of sedentary life in Michigan I’ve enjoyed getting out but, the turns haven’t been anything to rave about.  Anyway, onwards from here, hopefully some snow arrives, the avalanche cycle that follows is swiftly cleansing and afterwards the skiing is excellent for months. Until then I guess we can all take a suggestion from Dave Ridgeway and practice skiing with a smile, or study up on some of the crazy avalanche stories going around eithing with video, or strange sunny settings.  And while we have been thinking that it’s cold here, its not as far bellow what is normal here, as it has been  in some places.