I’m back home in Michigan enjoying all the nice stouts and porter I haven’t got much to share, but luckily my mom has come through and sent me a gem from last year’s Teddy Knape Film Festival, and although it didn’t win any awards, I’m still convinced it should have.

And I’ve also got a little helmet cam footage from last Saturday on Tin Can.  Enjoy

The family at the fest

The family after the fest

I just returned from northern Michigan and my brother’s film festival, and will be spending a few hours at home before I take off with Hunter for Alaska.  I plan to keep myself occupied along the drive by searching for anything interesting enough to mention around these parts, so I may have some fairly regular posting, along with a full wrap up of some recent events.  It’s a bit sad to be leaving the always familiar mitten state, but I really can’t wait to get back to the deranged excitement of Alaska for some wintertime excitement.  I love Canada as well, so my only concern is with the giant freak show we have to cross between the Michigan and Canadian borders. Until then I have some post festival celebratory cannon fire for you.

Hey everyone, quick post.  The third annual Teddy Knape Film Festival will be held January 3rd at Crystal Mountain.  I don’t have any firm details from either my mother or Crystal Mountain. There will be an amateur ski film contest although I’m not quite sure where to submit them yet.  Information from last years event can be found here.  


Last Years Event

Last Year's Event